What We've Done

Bon Appetit Magazine, Conde Nast Publishing

Holiday Dessert Demo Videos

These demo videos supplement three dessert recipes in Bon Appetit's December 2007 issue. Readers will learn how to decorate desserts with chocolate curls, make a chocolate band for a cake, and create candy brittle.

Travelocity: The Window Seat Podcast

The Window Seat Podcast is Travelocity's monthly podcast about travel. Each episode features a different destination, like Las Vegas or Hawaii. Listeners find out about the best spots to inspire romance, where to stay with the kids, how to eat like a local, and where learn about a location's past. Plus, host Amy Ziff offers travel tips.

PBS Kids It's My Life Celebrities Say Series

It's My Life is an online magazine and community for "tweens" (kids between the ages of 9-14). IML deals with issues like divorce, bullies, pet care, money education and everything today's middle-schoolers face. In this podcast series IML interviews celebrities about what life was like when they were tweens. IML is part of the PBS Kids Go network.


DesertScene is the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism's podcast series about everything Palm Springs. You'll discover the town's unique treasures -- like ancient canyons, modern art, mid-century architecture, an array of boutique shopping, street fairs, theme parks, down-home diners and upscale bistros. Take a listen and dive into this desert oasis!

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California Institute of Technology: TecherTrax

CalTech is one of the finest (and quirkiest) technical schools in the country.  TecherTrax is a series of podcasts introducing you to one of Caltech’s most beloved and awarded professors, Richard Feynman, a race of robots, and the extremely unique housing system. TecherTrax is an award-winning series, earning a bronze at the 21st Annual Admissions Advertising Awards. TecherTrax was created for TwigPod Productions.

Eastern Arizona College: EAC Gila Monster Tales

Eastern Arizona College offers undergraduates a unique learning experience in a rural setting. In this series of podcasts you'll hear about EAC's Performing Arts Program, learn about what students do when they're not in class, and follow an EAC student as he goes about his day. EAC Gila Monster Tales was created for TwigPod Productions.

Notre Dame de Namur University: NDNU Voices

Notre Dame de Namur University has a diverse range of programs for undergraduates, graduates and returning students. Founded in 1851 and located in Northern California's Bay Area, NDNU is dedicated to a global mission of peace and social justice. You can hear more about it in this series. NDNU Voices was created for TwigPod Productions.

Tana's Habitat

Based on the popular website TanasHabitat.com and the book, "Tana's Habitat: The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Affording, and Styling Your First Place" published by Penguin Books, this series of podcasts has fun how-to's and tips on design, cooking, and life.

Christine Rosander

To coincide with the October 2007 release of vocalist Christine Rosander's latest CD, "Smooth Ride," we created this feature-style podcast for her website and promotional pack.

See Jane Run

See Jane Run is a Nike-sponsored elite womens running team based in Los Angeles. Get the scoop on what it's like to be a Jane.

Eagle Rock Talk

Everyone wants to know what's going on in their neighborhood. Twice a month Laurel and Apryl talk about the latest happenings in Eagle Rock, a burg in North Eastern Los Angeles. Find out about everything from politics and crime to new businesses and human interest features.

Santa Monica: Design By the Sea

Take a tour of Santa Monica Art and Architecture and learn what makes this city by the sea such a unique inspiration for artists, designers and architects. This podcast was written and co-produced for iToors.